Smart move.

Finding the best chance for success, my way.


Smart move.

Finding a learning environment that fits, my way.


Smart move.

Investing in a better life, my way.


Real students. Real lives. Smart moves.

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Exceptional classes, programs, faculty, and student life: Los Rios Community College District is all about helping our students make their smartest moves.

Read how our students are finding their success at Los Rios.

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Pim’s smart move:

“Don’t let pride get in the way of a good decision.”

Pim Lewis finds it surprising that he can feel comfortable in a learning environment. As someone who as a kid was often bullied at school, Pim never imagined he would make that claim. But thanks to an innate athletic ability, a drive to succeed and finding a home in the Dusty Baker Athletic Center, Pim is feelin’ it at American River College.

ARC for Pim was a deliberate choice. He had offers to play basketball at universities, but after much deliberation, he thought his best chance for success was ARC. He packed his stuff, said farewell to his rural hometown in Northern California, found a place to live and quickly adjusted to Sacramento’s city life.

At ARC, Pim became a member of the men’s basketball team and later, gave the track and field team a try because he says; being a “Beaver” is like being a part of a family.

The academic side of ARC is working for Pim too. His mother’s encouraging words to work hard and pursue an education are reinforced on campus everyday. Pim plans to finish his course work at ARC, transfer, and acquire a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. His goal is to become a physical therapist or an athletic trainer.

And who knows, Pim might just end up back at the Dusty Baker Athletic Center at ARC, helping students like the instructors and coaches who helped him. Whether that happens or not, Pim would like to dispel what he thinks are a few wrong assumptions floating around campus. Those who hang in the Dusty Baker Center are usually the most successful students, he clarifies, and student athletes at ARC can be extremely smart.

Pim is happy with his decision to go to ARC, and encourages other athletes to give it a try. He says going to community college first will help in the long run.

“I’m pursuing athletics and a career, my way.”

Sarah’s smart move:

“I’m convinced that community college helped guide me by mapping out a career path toward the profession I love.”

The Dominican University of California bound, future physician assistant says she cut class in high school, graduated without the know-how to study effectively, and walked away with the false assumption that she was bad at math.
Sarah remembers vividly the day she discovered the math lab at CRC. She says that was the day she learned college is not so much about getting the correct answer as it is learning how to solve problems. By the end of her first year, and with the help of caring professors who taught her how to be a good student through positive academic habits, Sarah actually was a good student.
At CRC, Sarah says classes felt more intimate because teachers knew her by name. She found them welcoming, accommodating, and willing to listen. They understood that life gets in the way sometimes, Sarah remembers, but the teachers had a passion for learning and giving their students the tools to thrive.
A tool to thrive that Sarah relied on was the campus itself. She loved spending time at the fountain and listening to the sounds of the flowing water, and her favorite building at CRC is the Winn Center. To relax, Sarah would walk the hallways, soak in the rays from the large windows and admire the art and photography on the walls. Otherwise, Sarah spent her days hanging around her newfound home away from home, the anatomy lab in the science building. She credits the campus for supplying the learning environment she needed.
Sarah was amazed how easy Los Rios Community College District made it to get an A.S or A.A degree and open a world of career possibilities. With every class she took, she says she learned something about herself and new skills to apply to her personal life.
She is the first in her family to study for an advanced degree, and is proud to set a new standard for higher education within her family. What she’ll take to grad school is what she acquired at Cosumnes River College: the means to be successful.

Sarah readily admits that going to CRC eased her transition to a four-year college and allowed her time to mature and figure out what she truly wanted.

“I found a learning environment that fits, my way.”

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Carlo’s smart move:

“Follow your dream, think big and go to college.”

Life isn’t easy for Carlo Lopez. Like many community college students, his family struggles, and money, housing and food are mostly a daily focus. Determined, Carlo fends for himself by relying on hope, ambition and services available, especially the STEM Equity & Success Initiative (SESI), is a comprehensive, multifaceted program intended to increase the participation and success rates of Hispanic and low-income students in STEM fields and careers.

With SESI’s help, Carlo now knows the joy of academic achievement and wants people who are growing up in similar circumstances to know that joy too. His wish is for kids like him to hear what he heard at SCC: the sweet sound of a voice that says I have your back.

Even when Carlo was just in middle school, he knew a decent life was up to him. Nobody was around to expose him to life’s possibilities, so he took it upon himself to discover a world he knew little about. He applied for a library pass and researched jobs that require technology know-how. Yes, he was looking for a safe place, but he was also looking for an alternative to a destiny of limited choices.
That library pass opened a world of possibilities. Carlo taught himself to code by pouring over free tutorials. Best of all, he accomplished something, a reality that moved him to accept SESI’s help and try SCC despite his life’s brutal reality and an average GPA.
Now, Carlo is a full time student, studying computer science, and looking forward to earning a degree and transferring. He still plans on a career of helping people; beginning with those who think college is not for them. It can be done, Carlo tells those students. There is a way financially, and there is help academically.

“I’m investing in a better life, my way.”

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