Anthony’s Story

Anthony Hopkins was six years out of high school and sporting several failed attempts at college. Even dead-end jobs were elusive. He was 24 when he returned once again to Sacramento City College (SCC), this time placed on academic probation due to his poor GPA. He knew he needed a confidence boost in his ability to learn.

So, Anthony changed the equation. This time he found “family” support at RISE. RISE (Respect, Integrity, Self-determination & Education) is an SCC campus organization that welcomes students with a holistic set of support services. RISE staff and classmates were there for Anthony socially and emotionally, along with study techniques, and tactics to adjust his mindset toward academics.

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Anthony was and continues to be motivated to solve racial disparities in society. He reengaged with college at SCC because he says he had professors who he felt represented him and truly cared about his success as a man of color. He knew he wanted to study social systems to ponder why Black and Brown people weren’t succeeding at the same rates. Anthony chose the field of education where he could make the most impact.

Anthony received his AA in sociology from SCC, a BA in American studies/education at UC Berkeley, and an MA in social studies teaching and curriculum at New York University. And he studied photography along the way too.

After a decade of schooling and working in New York, Anthony has come full circle and returned to RISE, this time as a professional in a paid position. He is grateful to the organization that gave him his start and savors the opportunity to pay it forward by helping students — who he understands to be walking a similar path.

SCC is a campus that felt more welcoming to me, more welcoming to people of color. SCC had professors who looked like me, spoke like me and even wanted to know and support me. That was life-changing.

– Anthony Hopkins, Sacramento City College

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