Kelvin’s Story

Kelvin Burt is an American River College (ARC), African American student who is studying to help other students of color living in poverty to find school, stay there and finish. Kelvin is majoring in sociology at ARC with the hope of discovering the social forces that prevent the upward mobility of people of color, a topic he unfortunately already knows a lot about.

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Along with working full-time to help support mom and his six brothers and sisters, Kelvin keeps his academic pursuits in good standing so he can be involved in ARC student leadership and participate as a leader/mentor at school. Kelvin is committed to helping ARC be inclusive and diverse, and is interested in equitable policies, strategies and practices to reduce the achievement gap.

Kelvin says ARC strives to make sure students feel safe and secure both inside and outside of the classroom. And, he says if you are first generation, low income or even simply new-to campus, that caring is important because of the challenges students face. Kelvin will say to anyone who will listen that at ARC, the students feel like they are being supported.

I believe that academic support for students of color is essential for their academic attainment. I found that at ARC.

– Kelvin Burt, American River College

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