Micaela’s Story

Micaela always thought school was difficult. She would sometimes get anxious about taking tests and would shut down rather than take on what she considered an overwhelming experience — making it through school.

Like many of her high school peers living in Elk Grove, Micaela moved along after graduation to Cosumnes River College. It seemed like the logical next step for a young woman who grew up with high expectations, but who did not see herself as a student, and considered a degree only a mirage on a distant horizon.

Those first few semesters of community college felt like an extension of high school and an extension of the anxiety Micaela use to face there. But then she made a significant discovery about herself and took advantage of an important opportunity that only Los Rios Community College District could offer her.

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Micaela transferred to Folsom Lake College, a Los Rios campus with a smaller population located in a serene setting. It was there she was able to make a plan, and with the help of an attentive counselor and life lessons in time management, Micaela began to see herself differently. Her parents always told her she could do anything, and now she believed it too.

Micaela became adamant about going to class, turning assignments in on time, and getting involved on campus. She spent a lot of time in the tutoring center getting help with science and math, and a lot of time in the student life center, where she helped others as a Student Equity Advocate.

Micaela is now on her way to the University of San Francisco, transferring there as a junior, where the sky is the limit and advanced degrees are now part of the conversation. Her tenacity to stay in the ring and keep trying is a story those who struggle should hear, and a tribute to a community college system that can give students the help they need to achieve.

I was a Student Equity Advocate my last semester at FLC, it was an amazing experience and I felt welcomed by my peers and I made a lot of friends that I think I’ll have for a long time.

– Micaela Stafford, Folsom Lake College

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