Navi’s Story

Navi Kaur is a math superstar who will generously tutor anyone who thinks they can’t be one too. That’s Navi in a nutshell, but that fails to include her immigrant upbringing where English had to be learned, her fantastic work ethic that netted her a 4.0 GPA, or her incredible contribution to Folsom Lake City College.

Navi’s motivation is indisputably unstoppable, but she credits her success to all the resources provided by the campus and FLC’s staff, who were cheerleaders for her personal growth. And she discovered that by motivating other women to get behind math, she was driving herself to reach the summit of her ambition.

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Her instructors at FLC agree that Navi is indeed a singular sensation. Whip-smart, humble and helpful, she not only believes in herself but also thinks everyone has the potential to learn and do something great.

The first-generation college student’s parents think she’s special too. Although they lived in India and did not complete high school, they have emotionally supported and encouraged Navi’s choices and are very proud (Navi’s sister also lives here and is studying computer science).

Now Navi is off to UC Davis to obtain her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a concentration in communication controls and signal processing. According to Navi, if she can be an electrical engineering major and a research scholar because of her academic experience at FLC, then the other students there can reach their dreams too.

So many of the FLC faculty were cheerleaders in my personal and academic growth.

– Navi Kaur, Folsom Lake College

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