Navjot’s Story

Going to community college right after high school can be overwhelming if money is tight and scheduling classes around a work schedule can feel like threading a needle. Fortunately, community college students are discovering that help is there for the asking, and community college can be an option for everyone.

Just ask Navjot Randhawa. The aspiring early childhood teacher who worked two jobs and maintained a 3.6-grade point average at Cosumnes River College knows all about being overwhelmed. She dropped out of community college shortly after high school out of exasperation and went to work. But the yearning to teach was powerful as were a couple of family role models. Her brother is a six-grade teacher and her mother, a former teacher who taught elementary school in India and is now retired, encouraged Navjot to get back into the college arena. This time, Navjot promised herself, she was going to approach education differently.

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Navjot re-enrolled and discovered the Early Childhood Education Program at CRC had a Pathways to Success Program at CRC’s Child Development Center. The Center was a lifeline for Navjot. The program there promotes a student-centered approach to foster the spirit and diligence to be a successful student and lifelong learner, precisely the skills Navjot needed to pursue her goals.

CRC’s Child Development Center was a lifeline for me to realizing my passion for teaching.

– Navjot Randhawa, Cosumnes River College

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