Pim’s Story

Pim Lewis finds it surprising that he can feel comfortable in a learning environment. As someone who as a kid was often bullied at school, Pim never imagined he would make that claim. But thanks to innate athletic ability, a drive to succeed and finding a home in the Dusty Baker Athletic Center, Pim is feelin’ it at American River College.

ARC for Pim was a deliberate choice. He had offers to play basketball at universities, but after much deliberation, he thought his best chance for success was ARC. He packed his stuff, said farewell to his rural hometown in Northern California, found a place to live and quickly adjusted to Sacramento’s city life.

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At ARC, Pim became a member of the men’s basketball team and later, gave the track and field team a try because he says; being a “Beaver” is like being a part of a family.

The academic side of ARC is working for Pim too. His mother’s encouraging words to work hard and pursue an education are reinforced on campus every day. Pim plans to finish his course work at ARC, transfer, and acquire a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. His goal is to become a physical therapist or an athletic trainer.

Pim is happy with his decision to go to ARC and encourages other athletes to give it a try. He says going to community college first will help in the long run, so don’t let pride get in the way of the right decision.

I couldn’t wait to be a part of the amazing athletic and academic culture on the ARC campus.

– Pim Lewis, American River College

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